Developing and delivering solutions in safety, operational performance and capability development, for high hazard operations and mega projects.

Who we are

Our founders have collectively spent over 50 years
successfully delivering complex change programs and have a unique breadth and depth of practical and contemporary theoretical knowledge, supported by leading academic and industry research.

Our Philosophy

As organizations and projects become bigger and more complex, improving performance requires much more than compelling strategies and rational frameworks. Effective change needs to happen and be sustained at the multiple strategic boundaries where organizations create value. More than 80% of top down, programmatic transformation efforts fail. We believe that change requires engagement and collaboration, which can only be achieved through shared leadership.
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What we do

We partner with organisations to,

Develop and implement new operating models and build the capacities and capabilities needed to sustainably optimize safe, efficient and reliable operations.

Assess and develop leadership capabilities throughout the organization and provide both established and customized development processes and programs.

Improve contractor engagement, contracting and management processes and relationships to create and sustain improved stakeholder value.

Turnaround mega-projects by improving planning, risk governance and performance management, while building the capabilities that sustain optimal performance.

Our Track Record

The work that we do is commercially sensitive and confidential.
We will however supply relevant references upon request after initial discussions have progressed.