Building individual and collective capabilities

Recognising, cultivating and elevating leadership

We distil practical and theoretical knowledge into actionable insights that develop the individual and collective leadership capabilities needed to deliver work safely, efficiently and reliably.

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Enabling Operational Safety Performance

Build the core capabilities that enable others to achieve optimal performance by improving safety, efficiency and reliability.

Duration: 9 weeks
Led by: Lisa Shreeve

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Safety Leadership for Supervisors and Managers

Build the leadership capabilities that elevate operational performance and promote a collective responsibility for safety, efficiency and reliability.

Duration: 11 weeks
Led by: Ralph Shreeve


Custom Corporate and Open Programs

Partner with us to develop and deliver context specific development programs for your organisation.

Duration: On Demand
Led by: Ralph Shreeve, Lisa Shreeve

Design & Delivery

Our programs create a unique learning community that helps build the capabilities and confidence needed to generate sustainable improvement by using:


Mixed methods to cater
for different learning styles.


Interactive workshops to
explore diverse experiences.


Constructive dialogue
to expand perspectives.


Action learning to embed
knowledge through practice


Constructive dialogue
to expand perspectives.


Action learning to embed
knowledge through practice

Learning Modalities

Interactive lectures

Online coaching support

Reading material

Access to videos

Practical workplace activities

Reflective activities

24/7 learning support

Learning & networking with a diverse cohort

Common Learning Outcomes

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“I am actively engaged with my learning”


“The leadership capabilities will be useful in my role”


“I plan to implement the
practices I have learned”


“The capabilities I am learning will improve safety”


“This is the best leadership program ever”


“I would recommend this program to others”

Learn about the options for program delivery and how E7 programs have impacted organisations around the world..

Frequently asked questions

Do the public programs cater for shift work and different time zones?

Yes. The interactive sessions are scheduled to meet the needs of each cohort. Our programs typically run repeated sessions in 3 time zones (Asia Pacific; EMEA; the Americas). If people are doing shift-work, they are able to join a session delivered in a different time zone.

What happens if I miss a session due to my roster or a vacation?

Each program includes interactive lectures, tutorials, reading material and practical exercises. Progress through the reading material and practical exercises is self-paced and recordings of the lectures are available for people who miss a session due to other commitments. We also work with individual participants who need to tailor the pace of their learning.

Do participants have an opportunity to engage and collaborate with each other?

Yes. Participants can share their knowledge and experience during the interactive lectures and tutorials as well as interact with other participants through the E7 Partner online learning platform.

Do you offer programs in other languages?

Our public programs are delivered in English however we increasingly work with clients to develop custom content in different languages and currently have our programs available in German, Portuguese and Spanish