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Enabling Operational Safety Performance

Build the core capabilities that enable others to achieve optimal performance by improving safety, efficiency and reliability.

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    Part One

    In this level we start with the importance of understanding the gap between planned and actual work, effective communication as well as facilitating individual and team learning.

    Part Two

    This level further builds capabilities through a focus on the practical aspects of managing risk, engaging in effective worksite safety interactions and facilitating change.

    “The EOSP program provides a structured approach and a skill set for personnel that work closely with operations to engage and influence work groups to plan collaboratively and execute work that achieves timely and safe outcomes.”

    Phil Johnston, Safety & Health Advisor, Tronox, Saudi Arabia

    Program Fees

    2024 Fees – USD 2,074

    per participant (excluding taxes)

    E7 Partners operates out of the UAE where additional taxes are not applied to professional fees.When direct or withholding taxes are payable in any participant’s jurisdiction they will be added to the base fee.

    We also partner with select clients to develop and deliver customised learning programs to address specific opportunities and challenges.

    Program Schedule

    Lead Facilitators

    Lisa Shreeve



    “Organisational change is more than the sum of individual change, yet the consequences of individuals failing to navigate their way through a major change process often has lasting consequences that affect far more than just that individual.  John Kotter, the celebrated inventor of the Eight Step Change Process came to the realisation that his initial recommendations were based on an underestimation of the importance of understanding and addressing the human and emotional elements of effective change.  While effectively managing the change process is important, developing the organisational leadership needed to engage and support people throughout the process is essential”

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    Due to demand with existing clients, E7 Partner no longer delivers programs open to general enrolments. To explore what would be best for your organisation.