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Safety Leadership for Supervisors and Managers

Build the leadership capabilities that elevate operational performance and promote a collective responsibility for safety, efficiency and reliability.

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Part One

In this level we explore optimal performance and how the PIMED process and SHARED supervision enhance the collaborative development and maintenance of safe systems of work.

Collaboration is examined as a key element of effective pre-task planning, along with systematic approaches to the identification of hazards and error traps.

Part Two

This level explores how best to manage work safely, efficiently and reliably by using appropriate controls and barriers, while monitoring performance to maintain discipline and respond to gaps between planned and actual work.

Developing individual and team capabilities is examined through different techniques including training, mentoring, coaching and debriefs.

Part Three

Having thoroughly explored how best to perform routine work, this level explores how to collaboratively plan and execute non-routine work, manage uncertainty and lead change.

We explore the difference between accountability and responsibility, and how to delegate and empower others while ensuring that adequate supervision is provided.

 I again want to thank E7 for the SLSM course. I rate it as one of the best (if not the best) safety courses I have ever been on because it is extremely relevant to day-to-day operations. It gave me easy-to-use tools for making a massive change with regards to safety very quickly and it is sustainable. The fact that you can discuss issues with peers from all over the world is an extremely good advantage. Realising that safety, or lack of safety is not cultural based, but it is human based. All humans are prone to taking shortcuts. If something is difficult to do – people will find a shortcut. This program gave me the tools to identify areas of concerns and practical methods to address the areas of concerns. My main aim and effort for the last 2 years working for Minrite has to change the behavior of my team regarding safety in the workplace.  Thank you for SLSM – my learnings from this course will serve me for a long time to come. Using what I have learned will make for a safer workplace and save lives.”

Marcel Liebenberg, Production Manager – BSB, Minrite, South Africa

Program Fees

2024 Fees – USD 2,333

per participant (excluding taxes)

E7 Partners operates out of the UAE where additional taxes are not applied to professional fees.When direct or withholding taxes are payable in any participant’s jurisdiction they will be added to the base fee.

We also partner with select clients to develop and deliver customised learning programs to address specific opportunities and challenges.

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Lead Facilitators

Ralph Shreeve


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“We don’t improve operational safety performance by just focusing on safety as this leads to workers only addressing safety at the beginning before turning their focus to the work at hand.  Safety must be addressed as a key performance element in balance with efficiency and reliability.  Achieving optimal performance requires the work group to be constantly engaged in the process of developing, monitoring and maintaining an appropriate safe system of work”

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