Military methodology helps Seadrill bolster safety training for offshore supervisors

Recently, Seadrill partnered with E7, a training organization, to incorporate the SMEACS (Situation, Mission, Execution, Administration and Logistics, Command and Signal) methodology into a training program specifically designed for offshore supervisors. The resulting program, SHARED Supervision, reinforces safety learnings with on-the-job “missions” that allow teams to apply the knowledge gained in training sessions in a real-time application.

In this interview with Drilling Contractor taken from the 2024 IADC Health, Safety, Environment and Training (HSE&T) Conference in Houston, Texas, on 7 February, Neil Forrest, VP of HSE and Sustainability at Seadrill, discussed the genesis of the SHARED Supervision collaboration and the value that it brings to Seadrill. Ralph Shreeve, CEO and Founder at E7 and Executive Director at Safety Futures, outlined the SMEACS methodology, which is commonly used by militaries around the world, and how that methodology can fit in a rig environment. The two also talked about the results of a pilot project conducted last year, and the lessons learned from that pilot.

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